I come across a lot of sadness in people as I pray with them. On the surface they may put on a happy face but deep down there’s an incredible sadness. Generally, people aren’t dealing with their sadness, they’re just covering it up. They’re afraid to allow themselves to feel the sadness (to visit it, to look at it, to acknowledge how sad they are) for if they did they would start to weep much like rain in a downpour. They fear starting to weep and then never being able to stop.

Jesus wants to comfort the brokenhearted. That’s one of the reasons he came, sent by Father God (take a look at Isaiah 61:1-2). He wants to heal people’s sadness; all the things that bring deep grief — lost innocence, broken hearts, destroyed hopes, wounded bodies, wounded spirits — much of it locked away from our conscious awareness. Many people don’t know how sad they are, they’ve worn an safe exterior face for so long they just don’t know how really sad they are.

What to do?
1. Realise that whilever it’s locked away inside, that’s where it will stay; and it will pop out inappropriately when you least expect it.
2. Pray a simple prayer asking Jesus to go with you into that sad place and show you the root of why you are so sad.
3. If possible, allow yourself to feel the sadness. Don’t pretend about anything.
4. Pay attention to whatever Jesus shows you concerning the root of the sadness. He wants to comfort you and take the sadness to himself. Ask him to do so – it might even help you to hand it over to him.
5. Sit quietly and listen for anything he wants you to know about that root of sadness. You may experience a deep peace, you may have an interior picture of him doing something.
6. Thank him for what he’s done.

It is possible that the root of your sadness is too big for you to look at on your own. In such a case I’d encourage you to have a trusted friend with you who is willing to journey with you through the sad place. If your sad place is a place of much trauma you probably will need to seek help from an experienced and trained counsellor. Where this is the case, don’t put off seeking help.