I’ve recently been reading a book by Norma Dearing called “The healing touch. A guide to healing prayer for yourself and those you love.” It is really very easy reading, yet packs a powerful message.

She covers the following main topics: Healing our relationship with God; Practical tools for healing; and, Walking in your healing.

One of the things I’ve become acutely aware of in praying with people is the need for their image of God to be healed. This Dearing addresses very helpfully in the first section, ‘Healing our relationship with God’. Our image of God is usually the same as our view of our parents. See my earlier post on ‘Our image of God’

Her second main topic includes chapters on practical tools for healing, covering generational healing, physical healing, emotional or inner healing, healing for the conception-to-birth experience, healing of occult experiences, and cutting free from unholy and unhealthy realtionships. All of these areas seem to come up at some time or other during a person’s healing journey.

There are many encouraging stories that increase one’s appreciation of God and his desire to heal. Dearing also includes numerous helpful prayers as templates of how and what to pray.

I recommend this book to anyone involved in healing prayer ministry, or just interested in praying with others as the need arise.

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A Guide to Healing Prayer for Yourself and Those You Love

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