Stress is something we contend with every day. Stress can be good stress where it gives us impetus and energy to be productive in a our daily taks. Most of us are familiar with the stress that is bad stress and which becomes a major factor in causing many problems in our lives. This is when stressful events occur without a time recovery time between. The pressure builds up until we lose the ability to function well, at which point we are in distress and become exhausted, suffer ill health and possibly a breakdown.

I’ve come across a website which has some helpful articles about stress. One of these articles is “Twelve Rational Principles: Using the principles of Rational Effectiveness Training to achieve a satisfying and productive life” by Wayne Froggatt (Consultant Director of the Centre for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, London)

The twelve principles are:

Self-Acceptance and Confidence
Enlightened Self-Interest
Tolerance for Frustration and Discomfort
Long-Range Enjoyment
Emotional and Behavioural Responsibility
Self-Direction and Commitment
Objective Thinking
Acceptance of Reality

Each principle is defined and described in the article. Follow link below to read the rest:

Centre for Stress Management: Rational Principles: