The following is adapted from John & Paula Sandford’s book, “Healing the Wounded Spirit”. I have found it quite useful in helping people ascertain how they feel about God. We can be angry at him without realising it. I hope this is helpful.

Checking and Dealing with Anger at God
Let’s imagine that we existed in the heavens. All questions are to be answered silently if the person so wishes. We will discuss them later.
1. Suppose we are sitting in a group in a heavenly place enjoying the angels and the saints, the Lord enters and says, ‘I would like three or four volunteers to go to earth.’ Would you have been one of the volunteers?
2. If Jesus had presented himself before you, had said your name, and asked, ‘Will you go to earth for me?’ would you have responded, ‘Oh, boy, yes Sir, right away, Hallelujah!’ or ‘O.K. (drat!)’
3. If you had to come to earth but were given your choice, would you choose the time and place in which you were born, or some other century or country?
4. Would you choose to be born to your parents, or some other?
5. Would you choose your father? Or some other father?
6. Your mother?
7. Would you choose to be a boy or a girl?
8. Would you choose your face?
9. Your body?
10. Your mind?
11. Your character and personality?
12. If you are a woman, are you beautiful? Pretty? Attractive? Desirable? Loveable? Would someone choose you? Should they? If you are a man, are you handsome? Good looking? Attractive? Desirable? Loveable? would someone choose you? Should they?
13. Do you like you?
14. If Jesus walked up to you in the present moment and said, ‘I’ll give you your choice. You can either go all the way through life or straight up to Heaven with me right now,’ which way would you choose?

As we ask these questions, we tune in our spirit to the other’s spirit to sense by empathy what he really feels. Sometimes people are incapable of being fully honest. We may sense more accurately than they can express what they actually should have answered.

‘In whatever degree you would not have volunteered for life on earth or would have agreed only reluctantly to come, in whatever degree you would not have chosen your time and place or either or both of your parents, or you would not have chosen the sex you are, in whatever degree you would not have chosen your face, your body, your mind or character, in whatever degree you do not think you are beautiful or handsome, loveable or chooseable, in whatever degree you don’t love you, to that degree you are angry at God. You are saying inside that He could have done a better job creating you. In whatever degree you would choose to go straight to Heaven rather than live life here, you are telling God you don’t like it here.’

‘Lord, we repent for rebelling against being born here on earth where you put us. We repent for not liking and accepting what you created us to be. We repent for rejecting earth and ourselves and all of earth’s experiences. We couldn’t trust your lordship, that you knew what you were doing. We forgive you, Lord Jesus Christ, and Father God, for creating us and putting us here. We repent for rejecting ourselves. We accept our bodies. Reconcile us to ourselves. Reconcile us to our time and place, our position in this earth. Thank you, Jesus.’

Sandford, John & Paula. 1985. Healing the wounded spirit. Tulsa, OK: Victory House. pp 230-1, 236-7.

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Healing the Wounded Spirit