On a recent trip to the US my friends in Oregon took me down to the coast. It was a great day! We visited the Yaquina lighthouse, climbed the stairs to the light at the top, and after panting our hearts out enjoyed the views all around.
On the rocks in front of the the lighthouse the Murre birds were nesting. There were so many of them! There was hardly space for more… high density living! They come each year to nest and the rest of the time they are at sea.
A pretty incredible sight!
How does this relate to healing prayer? Not obviously you may think. However, God knows every single one of these densely packed birds. Not one of them falls into the sea but that God doesn’t know about it (Matthew 10:29). These may seem insignificant to us in the great scheme of things, but to God they are significant and precious.
If that’s the case then in God’s eyes, we too are significant, no one is insignificant! Ahh, that we would really get it.