No glitches to final inspection… the house passed for living and now I live. It’s been a wonderful experience to move into my new home. So very hard to believe I have a house that’s mine (actually it’s God’s house but he’s given it to me to enjoy!).
Settling in goes slowly. The weather has been so cold that the unpacking of boxes goes slowly, oh so very slowly. The thing that’s slow is that I have to get the boxes from where they’re stored in a container further down the property up to my house (100mts or so). The car has been useful to do this but lugging 30-50lb boxes up the steps to the verandah is backbreaking when one is not so young anymore.
More recently the shed/garage has been built and yesterday cementing was finished for the garage verge, for a slab for a small annex for storing firewood, and for a path to back door. Looks good. Sadly, we’ve had so much rain in the last 6 weeks that the earth is sodden and the trucks have churned up the earth into a right royal mess. Now I’ll have to plan for some earthworks once the ground dries up enough to be graded and deep ruts filled in.
We’ve had some bitterly cold days. The wind from the southwest blows off the Snowy Mtns and is frigid this time of year. To go outside I have to rug up and wear gumboots… so, I don’t go out if I don’t have to. The wood heater keeps me cosy and provides a nice cook top and little oven.
So, that’s where it’s at for the moment.
God is so good, and he’s good all the time