Need for healing prayer

The following books may be helpful in determining whether or not healing prayer would be helpful for you.

1. Friesen, James et al. (James G. Friesen, E. James Wilder, Anne M. Bierling, Rick Koepcke, Maribeth Poole). 2000. The life model: Living from the heart Jesus gave you. Pasadena, Calif.: Shepherd’s House, Inc. (You can find the book here.)

The Life Model …’ is a unifying approach to ministries of counseling, recovery, pastoral care, prayer ministry, deliverance, inner healing, child rearing, body life and health. Substance abuse recovery programs internationally are guided by The Life Model’s five principles.

2. Gallagher, Steve. 2004. Out of the depths of sexual sin. Dry Ridge, Ky.: Pure Life Ministries. (Want the book? Click here.)

This is the story of a man who battled his way out of deep darkness to pioneer Pure Life Ministries—the first ministry in the world to help men find freedom from sexual addiction.

3. Mullen, Grant. 2003. Emotionally free: A prescription for healing body, soul and spirit. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Chosen Books. (If you’d like to get the book, click here.)

[New edition of ‘Why Do I Feel so down, When My Faith Should Lift Me Up? How to Break the Three Links in the chain of Emotional Bondage.’ First published 2000 by Renew Publishers.] More and more people are suffering from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. Mullen’s book shows you just what emotional bondage is and explains the fundamentals of three treatment paths—medication, deliverance and inner healing. All three can be integrated and applied to your emotional healing—and the restoration of your joy.

4. Payne, Leanne. 1981. The broken image: Restoring personal wholeness through healing prayer. Westchester, Ill.: Crossway Books. (To get this book of Leanne Payne’s, click this link.)

A classic work on the healing of homosexuality and gender identity.

5. Sandford, John Loren and Paula with Norm Bowman. 2008. Waking the slumbering spirit. Charisma House. # ISBN-10: 1599793415; # ISBN-13: 978-1599793412 (You can get this book from Amazon… click here.)

The book moves far beyond the diagnosis of problems and provides the essential key of knowledge to awaken those who are asleep in the spirit—to restore the richness of God-given spirituality.

6. Seamands, David A. 2004. Healing for damaged emotions. 3rd ed. Colorado Springs, Colo.: Cook Communications Ministries. (Book is available here.)

Many of us struggle with crippling emotions, among them perfectionism, depression, and low self-worth. The author brings a scriptural approach to this personal subject.

7. Sandford, Paula. 1988. Healing victims of sexual abuse. Tulsa, Okla.: Victory House Publishers. (To get Paula’s book, click here.)

The author offers the love, acceptance, and redemptive healing of Christ to the victims of sexual abuse—the abused, the abuser, and their families.

8. Sandford, Paula. 1992. Healing women’s emotions. Tulsa, Okla.: Victory House Publishers. (You may like to get this book by clicking here.)

Sanford’s sensitive and liberating insights will help you cope with your feelings, deal with grief and sorrow, identify sources of pain, express your emotions, and experience emotional wholeness.

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