Prepare for healing prayer

Here are some books which you might find helpful in learning more about healing prayer. These books can be helpful in preparing for or receiving healing prayer.

Evans, Michael, 1996. Learning to do what Jesus did. Winter Park, FL. Archer-Ellison Publishing Company.

This is a ‘how to’ book. It starts with a sound Biblical foundation and also includes many ministry helps. There are guides for establishing a healing prayer ministry under the umbrella of a church. It includes a recruiting and training section.

Jersak, Brad. 2003. Can you hear me: Tuning in to the God who speaks. Rev. ed. Abbotsford, B.C.: Fresh Wind Press. Chapter 13 is an excellent ‘how to’.

The book is written for anyone who wants to hear God’s voice. Your faith will be stirred to encounter and respond to God. The ‘Tuning In’ sections are ‘listening prayer’ exercises.

Kylstra, Chester D. and Betsy Kylstra. 2004. An integrated approach to healing ministry: A guide to receiving healing and deliverance from past sins, hurts, ungodly mindsets and demonic oppression. Kent, Eng: Sovereign World, Ltd.

Inner healing and deliverance are key issues for those who seek wholeness, but usually these are treated as separate ministries. Chester and Betsy Kylstra break through this tradition and apply a unique, integrated approach to healing mind and spirit. With detailed, documented biblical footing, the Kylstras address four problem areas: -Sins of the past -Destructive beliefs -Emotional and spiritual pain -Demonic oppression Readers will learn how to work with the Holy Spirit to close these doors of the enemy and walk in God’s restorative grace. Contains worksheets and detailed lists of ministry steps. Note: The 2005 U.S. edition has a new title: Biblical healing and deliverance: A guide to experiencing freedom from sins of the past, destructive beliefs, emotional and spiritual pain, curses and oppression. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Chosen Books. # ISBN-10: 0800794036 # ISBN-13: 978-0800794033

MacNutt, Francis. 1981 (12th printing, 2000). The prayer that heals: Praying for healing in the family. Notre Dame, Ind.: Ave Maria Press.

This little book meets the needs of families that want to learn how to pray at home—and also how to pray for healing for the members of their family.

Payne, Leanne. 1991. Restoring the Christian soul: Overcoming barriers to completion in Christ through healing prayer. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Books.

A companion to The Healing Presence, the book focuses on the virtue of self-acceptance, the forgiveness of sin, and ‘the gift of battle’.

Payne, Leanne. 1999. Listening Prayer: Learning to hear God’s voice and keep a prayer journal. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Books.

Insightful and practical instruction on learning to hear God’s voice and how to keep a prayer journal.

Richardson, Rick. 2005. Experiencing healing prayer: How God turns our hurts into wholeness. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity Press.

Sometimes we feel spiritually numb, find ourselves emotionally dependent, struggle with addictive behavior, or see a trail of broken relationships behind us. These can be signs that we are in need of God’s healing touch through prayer that we learn and practice in community.

Smith, Ed. 2004. Healing life’s hurts. Ventura, Calif.: Gospel Light Publications.

The stories about the life-changing experiences people have had through Theophostic Ministry provide an overview of the process.

Virkler, Mark and Patti. 2001. Prayers that heal the heart: prayer counseling that breaks every yoke. Bridge Logos Publishers. # ISBN-10: 088270852X; # ISBN-13: 978-0882708522

This book presents a counseling approach in a ministry of prayer that uses seven specific prayers: Breaking generational sins and curses; Severing ungodly ties of the soul; Replacing negative expectations; Renouncing inner vows; Receiving divine pictures/visions; Casting out demons; Experiencing the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Prepare for healing prayer”

  1. As Jesus promised in mathew 11v28 I need to get healing from cancer disease.So that to come with tetimony to the nation to glorify Jesus name with your ministry.

  2. God bless you.I need the healing miraclous hand of Jesus,to be heal from cancer and to come with tetimony to the glory of living Jesus name.Now I and all my frinds watching the miracle of living Jesus.

    • May God bless you indeed. Whatever healing you need from Jesus… whether in body, spirit, mind, soul, emotions… may you receive it and come to the peace that only He provides. Jesus loves you with a passion… always has, and He knows what you need at this moment in time.

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